Not all facials are created equally. This is especially the case if you are someone with sensitive skin. In fact, some types of facials can do more harm than good. Let’s explore different facial options for those who have more sensitive and delicate skin.

First and foremost, before you begin your facial, it is essential that you tell your aesthetician everything about your skin. This includes all your  skin concerns, what products you are using, and if there are any ingredients that make your skin irritated. The aesthetician can then customise your facial to meet your specific needs. Also, if you feel a burning or tingling sensation during your treatment, speak up. This may or may not be a normal reaction during the treatment and it is important to communicate this information to your aesthetician. It is also important to do your research before you get a facial done. Make sure you find an aesthetician that has a lot of experience and success treating patients with sensitive skin. 

One popular facial choice for sensitive skin is known as a lymphatic massage facial. The goal of this facial is to depuff and brighten the skin. This is achieved by draining  toxins out of lymph-nodes to depuff and reveal brighter younger looking skin.  Lymphatic massage facials also give patients a healthier looking complexion by increasing circulation to the face. This is especially effective for patients who tend to clench their jaws and grind their teeth. The massage feels amazing and it is suitable for those with sensitive skin. A lymphatic massage facial is also easily customizable and can compliment any type of skin. 

If your main skin concern is sensitive skin with acne, LED light therapy can be a very effective tool during a gentle facial and can help fight breakouts. It is usually used during what is commonly referred to as a “classic” facial in place of extractions which can be very irritating to sensitive, acne prone skin. The LED light helps fight inflammation and kills bacteria that can lead to acne.  

Last,  exfoliating facials and facial peels deliver amazing results. However, these two types of facials are better suited for those who do not suffer from sensitive skin. Nevertheless, it is definitely possible to receive the benefits of these two treatments, as an experienced aesthetician can use a more gentle peel and/or exfoliant. Just make sure to tell your aesthetician all your skin concerns and your current skin routine in order to receive optimal results. 

In conclusion, there is definitely a facial for every single skin type. In general, those with sensitive skin may be best sticking to facials that are advertised as hydrating, calming, and/  or soothing . 

Do you have sensitive skin but are still craving a facial? Our team at Beautie Bar by Staten Island will make sure to accommodate your every need.

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