Ahhh...Oxygen. The basic element of life. Of course we need Oxygen to live and breathe. So it would make sense that our largest organ would need plenty of Oxygen as well. As it turns out, our skin can actually lack the optimal Oxygen that it needs. As a result, skin can look dull, saggy, dry and even wrinkly. Well, millions everywhere have discovered the absolute brilliance of a new type of facial called the Oxygen facial. This facial delivers- you guessed it- a pressurised form of oxygen directly into the skin. The result? Glowly, refreshed and hydrated skin. 

Sounds amazing, right? Well, as it turns out, not all oxygen facials are created equal. In fact, if you want to get the most bang for your buck, you will want to try the Oxygeneo facial. So what is the difference between an Oxygeneo facial and a regular Oxygen facial? The answer lies in the technique and delivery.  Oxygeneo facials work by triggering something called the “Bohr Effect”. This effect triggers the skin to deliver more oxygen from within, as opposed to artificially delivering oxygen to the skin like other Oxygen facials. The result? Oxygeneo facials shrinks the appearance of pores, plumps, hydrates and brightens skins, reduces hyperpigmentation and leaves skin silky smooth. 

The Oxygneo facial is done in three steps. First, an aesthetician gently exfoliates the skin. Next, antioxidants and nutrients are infused into the skin. Last, the Oxygenation process begins. Therefore, you definitely get a lot of “bang for your buck” with Oxygeneo due to the amazing benefits of each step of the facial. The other great news is the Oxygeneo works for nearly all skin types!

The best part? Results are not only immediate, but continue to have a positive effect on the skin long after a treatment. This is because the Oxygeneo facial increases circulation in the skin thereby slowing down the aging process and improving skins appearance. 

Side effects of the treatment are very minimal. During the treatment, a mild burning and discomfort can occur. However, because the oxygen is generated from within, post treatment redness and discomfort will be extremely minimal. Sunscreen is recommended if you are going into direct sunlight and you can put on makeup, shower, and work out as normal. 

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