Botox is an amazing way to treat fine lines and wrinkles. However, for many, Botox treatments are not a viable option. Botox is  expensive and is not recommended for many people due to certain medical conditions. The good news is that there are currently options on the market that replicate the effects of Botox. Two of the most popular alternative treatments are called radio frequency (RF) and microcurrent facials. 

Lets first examine radio frequency (RF) facials. RF facials cause three things to happen to the skin. First, the RF facial system first heats the skin, causes collagen to shrink, and as a result, tightens the skin. Next, the RF facial  stimulates the production of new collagen, thereby making the skin appear elastic and youthful. Last, the RF facial stimulates the production of collagen fibers which also tightens and revitalizes the skin. One can see immediate results 1-3 days after receiving a radiofrequency  facial. However, the great thing about the RF facial is that the results continue to improve up to 3 months prior to the treatment. 

Whereas the radio current facial focuses more on tightening the outer skin, microcurrent facials focus on the muscles under the skin. Microcurrent facials work by emitting a low level current that mimics the body’s natural current. This trains your facial muscles to strengthen, thereby lifting and tightening sagging skin. This strengthening also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

It is important to note that the two treatments are best done together. It is preferable  to have the radio frequency treatment done first, followed by a microcurrent facial treatment. That is because the radio frequency facial works by warming up the facial muscles and makes them more receptive to the lifting and toning benefits of the microcurrent facial. RF facials also open up the pores due to the heat which also allows the skincare used during the microcurrent facial to go deeper into the skin. Therefore, it is best to find an aesthetician  that is knowledgeable  and trained to synchronise both treatments in order to obtain optimal results. 

Thus, if you are looking for an amazing  and cost effective alternative to botox , microcurrent and radio frequency facials could be the absolutely best replacement! 

Facial Spa Staten Island by Beautie offers RF and Microcurrent facials at an amazing price (only $145). Call today to book your life changing appointment! Facial Spa Staten Island by Beautie, 36 Navy Pier Ct. #c Staten Island, NY 10304. (718) 709-0883.

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Facial Spa Staten Island By Beautie 
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Facial Spa Staten Island By Beautie 36 Navy Pier Ct, #c Staten Island, NY 10304
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