What are Dermaplane Facials? 

Dermaplane facials are certainly the newest skin trend. Everyone we know seems to be talking about their amazing benefits and documenting their obsession on Instagram and Tiktok. What exactly is a dermaplane facial and why have they become so popular?

Dermaplaning is actually a fancy word for...get ready….shaving. Yes, shaving.  Dermaplane facials have normalized shaving women's faces and we are definitely not mad about it. But before you pick up that razor and try to shave your face at home, dermaplaning is best performed by a trained aesthetician in order to receive optimal results.  A dermaplane facial consists of taking a special, small scalpel and dragging it along the skin at a 45 degree angle in order to remove peach fuzz (otherwise known as vellus hairs), dead skin cells, debris and scar tissue. The result? Silky smooth and luminous skin. After the dermaplane treatment, patients can expect their makeup to go on easily and flawlessly. In addition, your expensive skin products and serums will be able to properly penetrate your face. The procedure can also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and acne scarring. 

Dermaplaning is also incredibly convenient. Dermaplaning does not require any downtime and has very little risks and side effects. That is why so many  people are opting to receive dermaplaning now as opposed to waxing which can be painful and leave skin very irritated. 

Dermaplaning is also often done before other types of facials such as scrubs or peels. This is so that the subsequent active ingredients in facials can better penetrate the skin after the removal of dead skin cells and vellus hairs. Dermaplaning is also an amazing facial treatment because most skin types can benefit from its cosmetic magic. 

Try  the skin treatment everyone is talking about and receive your dermaplane facial for only $50 at the Facial Spa Staten Island by Beautie! Facial Spa Staten Island by Beautie  36 Navy Pier Ct. #c Staten Island, NY 10304. (718) 709-0883. https://www.statenislandfacialspa.com/

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Facial Spa Staten Island By Beautie 36 Navy Pier Ct, #c Staten Island, NY 10304
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